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Managing a difficult boss

June 27, 2019

10 Year old but still very relevant!


More often than not when you land up with a difficult boss you want an exit or you build a wall between you and your boss. Well if you like your job and the company, it might make sense to attempt to work around him or her a little bit:-

Identify and appreciate your leaders strengths – this is tough since you don’t admire strengths in people you hate. But just intellectually analyse what could be his strength. Maybe at some point in time you will actually believe in them. But even if its an intellectual analysis its good enough. See how that strength might be benefiting the organisation. It might help you later in managing your boss.
Commit yourself to adding value to your leader’s strengths – Assist him in leveraging his strengths. You have to be tactful in this. If the boss is totally selfish you might…

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