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Coping with the recessionary gloom

September 6, 2009

Even though the worse may be over, this recession has left scars that run fairly deep. Sufficient time has elapsed for the feeling of betralyal, andger and shock to settle in but many employees would still be in a stage of resignation, an unhealthy detachment or indifference to the work environment. I am beginning to understand how important it is to have a feeling of control over your future, even if it is delusionary. In the absence of such a feeling it is difficult to have any kind of commitment. It just turns us humans in to goats.

Today employees in organisation that have seen large scale layoffs are in this vaccum where the sense of purpose is weakened if not lost completely.  In such a scenario many people hope to get in to another job that will take them away from the negative environment that might have set in these companies. I wonder why such employees are not able to find hope in their current workplaces. A simplistic answer would be to generalise and say that people just want to run away from their negativities rather than turn it around at their own workplaces.

While in reality I think the management needs to provide this hope in their own companies. They need to give back a sense of control to their employees. Unless this happens, the churn will be higher as things get better. Commitment without a sense of control just doesnt happen.

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