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Jobs are back!…says

January 21, 2010 has made some of the best and most memorable ads right from the Hari Sadu days. Their latest campaign with the slogan ‘jobs are back’ is way too clever. After the slump in their business this is a very clever way to improve their revenues by instilling a positive feeling in the job market. What they are also doing very insightfully is tele marketing their resume management services to hordes of job seekers quite aggressively.

They understand the pent up feelings in the job seekers and perhaps sense that they would all be now looking at taking up these kind of services and that the market is on a brink of a Tsunami of resumes. I do not know if job market is back to where it was as earlier. Nor do I know if these services are known to provide any additional help to the job seekers. Economists would say that the labour market usually trails economic recovery by at least a couple of months.  To be fair Business World and TOI have been talking about this ‘jobs are back’ phenomenon since Oct-Nov so we should be there now for sure…staring in to a sea of job options. This also shows in our company as we have started hiring for sure but very cautiously. It will be the same most places so while there will be jobs, it wont be the same as in mid 2008.

Nevertheless, I am quite impressed with the marketing team at and I am sure they may be looking at a favourable ROI for their campaign.

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