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Social Media and HR in India

November 20, 2010

I see a lot of value in social media for organisations and for individuals. For me social media has filled in a social gap that had formed with the new age corporations coming in place and with people being sucked away from their familiar social environments in search for better jobs etc. Social media brought you back in to that network. Thats why it was such a big hit.

I have been wanting to use this tool in my organisation for 3-4 years now particularly for knowledge management, collaboration and engagement. So far I have got a few eager ears but not much interest and excitement. And yet during the same time I have seen organisations embrace it and be quite excited about it. So today when there were speakers on this subject at the Chennai SHRM learning forum meeting I decided I should discover. Interesting sessions by the way, particularly Kiruba Shankar. You can see what he does by clicking here

I later on did some good old google research on the scope of social media and whether all this hype that is now being formed around it is really worth it. Realities don’t deserve the hype as is often the case. Its often a mixture of fad and fact. Various research indicate that the internet penetration in India stands at about 6-7% of the population. Thats about 71 million users. Now this figure includes people who access internet at least once every month! I would therefore assume that a significant chunk of this number are not serious internet browsers. Of these users about 13 million people use facebook. These are the set of people who use social media and are likely to be the serious web 2 netizens. Thats about 1% of the population. About 50% of facebook users are below the age of 24. In US, on the other hand, the average facebook age is about 38 years (Surprised?). Incidentally there is a very fast growth reported in the above 35 yrs segment in India as well.

A total of approximately 520 million people are employed in India. Of this population about 50 million alone would be employed in the organised sector. At least 50% of the facebook users in India would be in the employable ages and of these most would be joining the organised sector. Thats an estimated 5-7 million users out of 50-60 million in organised sector. I could be off the mark here in terms of accuracy but assuming that the above figures are indicative, we have nearly 10% of the workforce in the organised sector active on social media. Users on social media are actually growing so this makes a lot of sense now for organisations to consider how they can use social media to manage their human resources.

So is this sufficient for the hype? I don’t think so. I think organisations still need to see their internal demographics and geographical spread before looking into using social media to better manage their employees. Social media used for employer branding and hiring is another thought out decision based on where the target segment lies.  Jumping on to the social media bandwagon without a cultural understanding of the organisation is likely to bomb the project. Its only another communication channel to reach out to your target segment.

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    November 22, 2016 9:25 pm

    Good nice for studies

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